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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 'keyed' cartridge? It has that word in the 'Common Name'
A keyed cartridge is where one oem manufacturer has developed an engine that are used by other oems. They have changed/tweaked the toner cartridge to make it unique between the different printers. A good example is Lexmark printers that also Dell and IBM InfoPrint are selling with their name on. The oem cartridges are not interchangeable between the different brands.
Anytime you see the word 'keyed' in the Common Name' it should raise a flag that you need to pay attention to what models it's going into or what are the part numbers.
What does TAA stands for that is entered in the Description?
It stands for 'Trade Agreements Act' and would indicate that this part number falls under that compliance. Usually a government approved label.
Can I hook up TRIguideOnline to my website?
No, TRIguideOnline is not designed to integrate with other web sites, and the user agreement prohibits using the data and the web site in this way. We provide a number of other products and services to provide cross-reference and compatibility information for your retail web site.Contact us for more information about additional services.
Can I try TRIguideOnline before buying it?
Yes, we offer a TRIguideOnline Demo subscription with full data. Click the 'Free Trial' button and fill out the form to request a demo.
How often is the database updated?
We are continually researching and compiling information. TRIguideOnline has automatic updates 5 - 20 times each month. There is no action for you to do.
Is it easy to use TRIguideOnline?
TRIguideOnline users simply need a web browser and Internet connection; no installation or download is needed. With icons and links it is very easy to navigate to find the infomation you need. "How to Use" instructions is also available on the web site.
What Types of Machines are included in the TRI Database?
The types of machines that the supplies covers are Laser printers and Fax machines, Copiers, Inkjet printers and Fax machines, Thermal Transfer Fax and Multi Function models. It includes POS and Financial type machines. It also covers Impact models; Dot Matrix printers, Typewriters, Calculators, Time Clocks.
What Types of Supplies are included in the TRI Database?
The database includes Toner, Inkjet and Ribbons types of supplies, with all kinds of maintenance kits also included. Other types of supplies like paper rolls and media products are being added.
How does TRI's data integrate with my web site?
TRI offers Custom Services for this. We enter and match your sku's with our database. You write your search functions as you prefer or you can use search functions created with our T3 web applications. When your customer goes to your web site and searches by their machine name or supply part number, it sends a query to our database. We then recognize that it comes from your website and send a data stream with results of all your supplies that match up with their request. Your customer does not leave your web site for this.
Where does TRI get its information?
TRI Resources continuously adds new models and part numbers. Data is collected from various industry publications, the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer), attending trade shows and customers.
Do you have TRIguideOnline available in different languages?
TRIguideOnline is planned to be available in Spanish as the first "other than English" version. Chinese will likely be the next version. Schedule is TBD. Please contact us if you have a current need.
I keep getting logged out, with this message: "A more recent login at another computer or browser has terminated your session." What's going on?
Each browser session is associated with a specific user account, which is used to validate access credentials and to determine search preferences, etc. Using the same login for multiple browser sessions can result in unexpected search results, and in some cases may indicate a violation of terms of service.
If you are getting this message on a regular basis, it may mean someone else is using your account. Contact TRI Resources for help in solving this problem.
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