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About TRIguide

This exciting Internet-based product offers time-efficiency and reliability to find 'what fits what'. The user can search by Manufacturer, Model, or Supply Part Number to quickly find the cross-reference data result.  No software installation or data updates are required by the customer. TRI Resources Intl updates with new data numerous times each month, often several times a week.

Key Features:

  • A Search by Model shows you OEM supplies and aftermarket manufacturer products available
  • A Search by Supply Part Number shows you compatible supplies by OEMs and aftermarket manufacturers
  • A UserID and Password is issued for each registered user
  • Over 1000 images of imaging supplies are presented
  • Manufacturer and Wholesaler information is also included

System Requirements:

TRIguideOnline works with any Internet connection.  However, site speed will vary based on the user's Internet connection type and Internet Service Provider.

For more information including current pricing, please visit the TRI Resources TRIguideOnline product page.

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